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show bgp replication logical-system



Display logical system-specific BGP state replication between the primary and backup logical system on Routing Engines that have nonstop active routing configured on them.


This command has no options.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show bgp replication logical-system command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show bgp replication logical-system Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

session state

State of the current internal BGP state replication session, Up or Down, and the duration for which the session has been in the indicated state.


Total number of flaps that occurred.

protocol state

Current state of the protocol operation (Active, Connect, Idle) and the duration for which the protocol has been in the indicated state.

synchronization state

Synchronization state at the time of executing the command. The states can be:

  • Idle

  • Neighbor—Indicates that the neighbor state synchronization is in progress.

  • AckWait—Indicates that the request processing is over.

  • ORF—Indicates that the outbound routing filter synchronization is in progress.

  • RIB—Indicates that the routing table synchronization is in progress.

  • Complete

number of peers waiting

Total number of peers waiting for various messages:

  • AckWait—Number of peers waiting for connection establishment or completed acknowledgment messages.

  • SoWait—Number of peers waiting for TCP socket-related operations.

  • Scheduled—Number of peers being synchronized.

messages sent

Number of various types of messages that have been sent since internal replication session became active:

  • Open—Number of Open messages sent.

  • Establish—Number of connection establishment acknowledgment messages sent.

  • Update—Number of update messages sent.

  • Error—Number of error messages sent.

  • Complete—Number of connection complete acknowledgment messages sent.

messages received

Total number of messages received:

  • Open—Number of Open messages received.

  • Request—Number of request messages received:

    • Wildcard—Number of requests received that used wildcards in the target address.

    • Targeted—Number of requests received that used a specific address.

  • EstablishAck—Number of connection establishment acknowledged messages received.

  • CompleteAck—Number of connection completed acknowledged messages received.

Sample Output

show bgp replication logical-system

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 13.3.