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show accounting profile



Display accounting profile information.



Name of the accounting profile.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show accounting profile command. Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

Table 1: show accounting profile Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Name of the accounting profile.

Sampling interval

Configured interval, in minutes, for statistic collection.

Profile Usage Count

Number of items configured for collecting accounting statistics.

file information

Information about the accounting profile log, including:

  • File—Name of accounting profile log. If no name is explicitly provided, the name of the accounting profile is used. All statistics files are placed in the /var/log directory.

  • maximum size—Configured size. When the size is exceeded, the log file closes and a new log file opens.

  • maximum number—Configured maximum number of log files.

  • bytes written—Number of bytes written to the log file.

Transfer Interval

Length of time (in minutes) the file remains open, receiving statistics before it is closed, transferred, and rotated. When either the time or the file size is exceeded, the file is closed and a new one opened, whether or not a transfer site is specified.

Next Scheduled Transfer

Time at which the next transfer occurs.

Column Labels

Names of sampled statistics. This list varies depending on the configuration:

  • profile-layout—List of data fields reported, in the order they appear in the output.

  • epoch-timestamp—Number of seconds since the epoch.

  • interfaces—(For interface, filter, and destination class profiles) Name of the interfaces on which the filter is applied.

  • filter-name—(For filter profiles) Name of the filter.

  • counter-name—(For filter profiles) Name of the counter.

  • packet-count—(For filter and destination class profiles) Number of packets for the counter.

  • byte-count—(For filter and destination class profiles) Number of bytes for the counter.

  • input-bytes—(For interface profiles) Input bytes.

  • input-errors—(For interface profiles) Generic input error packets.

  • input-multicast—(For interface profiles) Input packets arriving by multicast.

  • input-packets—(For interface profiles) Input packets.

  • input-unicast—(For interface profiles) Input unicast packets.

  • output-bytes—(For interface profiles) Output bytes.

  • output-errors—(For interface profiles) Generic output error packets.

  • output-multicast—(For interface profiles) Output packets sent by multicast.

  • output-packets—(For interface profiles) Output packets.

  • output-unicast—(For interface profiles) Output unicast packets.

  • no-proto—(For interface profiles) Packets for unsupported protocol.

  • snmp-index—(For interface profiles) SNMP index.

  • destination-class-name—(For destination class profiles) Configured destination class name.

  • host name—(For Routing Engine profiles) Hostname for the router.

  • date-yyyymmdd—(For Routing Engine profiles) Date.

  • timeofday-hhmmss—(For Routing Engine profiles) Time of day.

  • uptime—(For Routing Engine profiles) Time since the last reboot, in seconds.

  • cpu1min—(For Routing Engine profiles) Average system load over the last 1 minute.

  • cpu5min—(For Routing Engine profiles) Average system load over the last 5 minutes.

  • cpu15min—(For Routing Engine profiles) Average system load over the last 15 minutes.

Interface name

Name of the interface configured for this accounting profile.

Filter name

Name of the filter configured for this accounting profile.


Routing Engine accounting profile.

Next Scheduled Collection

Time for next collection of statistics for the named interface.

Sample Output

show accounting profile (Interface)

show accounting profile (Filter)

show accounting profile (Destination Class)

show accounting profile (Routing Engine)

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.