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Return to a previously committed configuration. The software saves the last 50 committed configurations, including the rollback number, date, time, and name of the user who issued the commit configuration command.

The currently operational configuration is stored in the file juniper.conf, and the last three committed configurations are stored in the files juniper.conf.1, juniper.conf.2, and juniper.conf.3. These four files are located in the directory /config, which is on the router’s flash drive. The remaining 46 previous committed configurations, the files juniper.conf.4 through juniper.conf.49, are stored in the directory /var/db/config, which is on the router’s hard disk.

During rollback, the configuration you specify is loaded from the associated file. Only objects in the rollback configuration that differ from the previously loaded configuration are marked as changed (equivalent to load update).



(Optional) Return to the most recently saved configuration.


(Optional) Configuration to return to. The range of values is from 0 through 49. The most recently saved configuration is number 0, and the oldest saved configuration is number 49. The default is 0.


(Optional) Return to the rescue configuration.

revision revision-string

(Option) Use a configuration revision identifier to rollback to a specific configuration. Use the show system commit include-configuration-revision command to view the configuration revision identifier for each revision.

Required Privilege Level

rollback—To roll back to configurations other than the one most recently committed.

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

Option revision introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1 and Junos OS Evolved Release 20.4R1.