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restart chassis-control


Syntax (TX Matrix Routers)

Syntax (TX Matrix Plus Routers)


Restart the chassis management process.


When GRES is configured and the restart chassis-control command is executed on a TX Matrix Plus router with 3D SIBs, we cannot ascertain which Routing Engine becomes a primary. This is due to the chassisd restart. The chassis process or chassisd is responsible for maintaining and retaining primary role and when it is restarted, the new chassisd is processed based on the router load. This results in one of the Routing Engines being made primary.


lcc number

(Routing matrix only) (Optional) Restart the software process for a specific routing node that is connected to a PTX Matrix platform. Replace number with a value from 0 through 3.

sfc number

(PTX routers only) (Optional) Restart the software process on the PTX series router (or switch-fabric chassis). Replace number with 0.


(Optional) Restart the software process.


(Optional) Immediately restart the software process.


For PTX Series routers, when the restart chassis-control command is executed with the immediately option set, the PFE’s state will be reset to enabled regardless of whether or not the PFE’s state is set to disabled when the action occurs.


(Optional) Reread and reactivate the configuration without completely restarting the software processes. For example, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peers stay up and the routing table stays constant. Omitting this option results in a graceful restart of the software process.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request.

Sample Output

restart chassis-control gracefully

restart chassis-control soft

Release Information

Command introduced before JUNOS Release 7.4.

Command added in Junos Evolved Release 21.4R1.