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request vmhost halt



Stop the host OS and Junos OS running on the device.


none—Stop the host OS and Junos OS on the device.

re0 | re1

(Optional) On devices that support dual or redundant Routing Engines, stop the host OS and Junos OS running on the Routing Engine in slot 0 (re0) or the Routing Engine in slot 1 (re1).


(Optional) Specify the Routing Engine on which the host OS and Junos OS needs to be stopped. The following options are available:


The QFX10002-60C and PTX10002-60C devices do not have primary and backup routing engines.

  • backup—Backup Routing Engine.

  • both—Primary and backup Routing Engines.

  • local—Routing Engine on the local Virtual Chassis member.

  • master—Primary Routing Engine.

  • other—If you issue the command from the primary Routing Engine, the backup Routing Engine is referred to as the other Routing Engine.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request vmhost halt

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 15.1F3.


PTX3000 router supports the Routing and Control Board, RCBPTX.