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request security pki sync-from-peer



Synchronize the PKI file system on the peer node in a Multinode High Availability setup. You can use this command to replicate the PKI directory in the remote node to your local node. Replicating PKI directory is helpful when one of the two nodes or ICL goes down.

Note that you can run this command only you've enabled Multinode High Availabiliy.

Consider a set up with node 0 (local node) and node 1 (remote node). To replicate the PKI directory of the remote node (node 1), run this command in your local node (node 0).

When you run this command on your local node, all the local PKI files are deleted and replaced by the remote node PKI directory. Hence, be sure on which node you are executing this command. After running this command, we recommend you to verify whether the files are synchronized between the two nodes.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

This command produces no output.

Sample Output

request security pki sync-from-peer

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.