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request node power-off (Junos OS Evolved)



Use this command to power off a Routing Engine, stopping the CPU and commencing a complete shutdown.


We do not recommend leaving a node powered off for a long period of time, because the node is not available as a backup in case something happens to the primary Routing Engine.



Specify the Routing Engine node (re0 | re1) to shut down. You can shut down the primary Routing Engine.

(at time | in minutes)

(Optional) Specify when the action should occur, either in time, in hh:mm format, or in number of minutes.

message message

(Optional) Message to display to all users.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request node power-off re1

On the primary Routing Engine:

When logged in to the console port on the node:

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 18.3R1.