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request network-access aaa accounting



Suspend accounting processes; determine a baseline of the statistical details while accounting is suspended; and restart accounting operations after baselining is completed. This command is useful in service provider environments when an upgrade of the server infrastructure is critical and needed immediately. RADIUS Acct-Start, Interim-Update, and Acct-Stop messages are not generated while accounting is suspended; the router does not send any accounting messages to the RADIUS server. While accounting is suspended, subscribers can continue to log in and log out.



(Optional) Determine a baseline of accounting statistics for current subscriber sessions. Applies to only those subscribers for which interim accounting is configured. The router implements the baseline by reading and storing the statistics at the time the baseline is set and then subtracting this baseline when you retrieve baseline-relative statistics after accounting resumes.


Restart the accounting processes for all logged-in subscriber sessions after baselining of statistics completes.


Temporarily halt accounting processes for all logged-in subscriber sessions.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request network-access aaa accounting suspend

request network-access aaa accounting baseline

request network-access aaa accounting resume

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 14.2R1.