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request chassis pic-mode



Set the PIC mode on an EX4500 switch. The PIC mode command determines whether the module that is plugged into the EX4500 switch operates as an intraconnect module or a Virtual Chassis module.


Operating an EX4500 switch without the intraconnect module or the Virtual Chassis module is not supported.


If you use the EX4500 switch as a standalone switch without changing the PIC mode setting to intraconnect, you will not be able to achieve 960 Gbps data rate throughput. Some of the bandwidth is reserved for the dedicated Virtual Chassis ports (VCPs).

The PIC mode must be set to virtual-chassis if the EX4500 switch is cabled into a Virtual Chassis using the dedicated VCPs on the Virtual Chassis module. This is the setting in the default factory configuration. The intraconnect PIC mode is not supported by the default factory configuration.

If you want to use the EX4500 switch as a standalone switch, you must take several steps to reset the PIC mode as intraconnect. You cannot reset the PIC mode intraconnect simply by issuing the request chassis pic-mode intraconnect command. See Resetting the EX4500 Switch to Run as a Standalone Switch (CLI Procedure).

Use the show chassis pic-mode command to verify the current PIC mode setting.

The PIC mode setting is maintained through reboots even though it is set in operational mode.

You do not need to enter this command to use the Virtual Chassis module on an EX4550 switch.



Set the PIC mode to intraconnect.


Set the PIC mode to Virtual Chassis.


(Optional) Set the PIC mode for all members of the Virtual Chassis configuration. This is the default option.


(Optional) Set the PIC mode on the member switch where the command is issued.

member member-id

(Optional) Set the PIC mode on the specified member of the Virtual Chassis configuration.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

request chassis pic-mode virtual-chassis

request chassis pic-mode intraconnect

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 11.1.