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show virtual-network-functions



Display the list of guest network functions (GNFs) along with their IDs, status and availability.



Display the details of the GNFs on both the servers.


Display the details of the GNFs on one specific server. Applicable value is 0 or 1.


Display additional details of a particular GNF. You can use the detail option to view the detailed output. For example, show virtual-network-functions gnf1 detail.


Displays the xml profile of a GNF.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

Table 1 lists the output fields for the show virtual-network-functions command.

Table 1: show virtual network functions Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


The ID associated with the VNF.


Name of the VNF.


Status of the VNF.

  • Running—The VNF is online and running.

  • Shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


Indicates the availability of VNF.

  • Up

  • Down


Name of the VNF.

IP Address

IP address of the VNF.


Status of a particular VNF.

  • Running—The VNF is online and running.

  • Shut off—The VNF is in the shut down state.


Number of cores in the VNF.


The VNF memory.

Resource Template

The resource template associated with a VNF.

Qemu Process id

Qemu process ID.

VNF CPU Utilization and Allocation Information

Shows the GNF CPU utilization details. See also: show system cpu (JDM).

VNF Memory Information

Displays the following memory information about the GNFs:

  • Name—GNF name.

  • Resident—The memory used by the GNFs.

  • Actual—Actual memory.

VNF Storage Information

Displays the following guest network function (GNF) storage information:

  • Directories—Names of the directories.

  • Size—Total storage size.

  • Used—Storage used.

VNF Interfaces Statistics

Shows the GNF interface statistics information. See also: show system network (JDM).

VNF Network Information

Shows the list of Physical Interfaces, Virtual Interfaces and MAC addresses.

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions (for a specific VNF)

Sample Output

show virtual-network-functions <vnf-name> detail

show virtual-network-functions <vnf-name> vnf-xml-profile

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 17.2R1.