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clear rsvp session


Syntax (EX and QFX Series Switches)


Reset and restart Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) sessions.



Clear all RSVP sessions for which this routing device is the ingress, transit, or egress routing device.

connection-source address

(Optional) Source address for GMPLS and MPLS LSPs from the RSVP sender template.

connection-destination address

(Optional) Destination address for GMPLS and MPLS LSPs from the RSVP sender template.


(Optional) Gracefully reset an RSVP session for a nonpacket LSP in two passes. In the first pass, the Admin-Status object is signaled along the path to the other endpoint of the RSVP session. In the second pass, the path used by the RSVP session is torn down. This option can only be used on the ingress or egress routing device of the RSVP session and is only valid for nonpacket LSPs.

logical-system (all | logical-system-name)

(Optional) Perform this operation on all logical systems or on a particular logical system.

lsp-id identifier

(Optional) LSP identifier (source port) for the RSVP sender template.

name name

(Optional) Reset and restart the specified RSVP session.


(Optional) Begin fast reroute optimization.

tunnel-id identifier

(Optional) Tunnel identifier (destination port) for the RSVP session.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

When you enter this command, you are provided feedback on the status of your request.

Sample Output

clear rsvp session all

Release Information

Command introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.