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clear loop-detect enhanced interface



Restore a specified interface or all interfaces to their prior state after the device detects a loop and applies a configured action to break the loop.

In an EVPN-VXLAN fabric, you can configure loop detection on leaf devices for server-facing Layer 2 interfaces using the loop-detect statement in the [edit protocols] hierarchy. With that statement, you specify the action that the leaf device performs on the interface when it detects a loop, such as bringing the interface down. By default, the interface remains in the state imposed by the loop detection action until you run this command to manually restore the prior state. For example, if you configured the loop detection feature to bring the interface down upon detecting a loop, then this command brings the interface up again. You can also configure the revert-interval option to set a timer for after the loop condition has been repaired; when the timer expires, the device reverts the interface to its state prior to the loop detection action.

Use this command after you've repaired the loop condition to return the interface or interfaces to their prior state in either of these cases:

  • You didn't configure revert-interval. In this case, you must run this command to restore the interface state.

  • You want to restore the interface to its prior state before the configured revert-interval expires.



Interface to revert to the state prior to the loop detection action.

If you don't specify an interface name, this command defaults to restoring the state of all interfaces affected by the loop detection action.

Required Privilege Level


Sample Output

clear loop-detect enhanced interface

clear loop-detect enhanced interface interface-name

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 20.4R1.