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clear ethernet-switching table


Syntax (QFX Series)



On a QFabric system, using this command on an FCoE-enabled VLAN when FCoE sessions are active can cause traffic flooding and FCoE traffic drop. The FCoE sessions are not terminated and the traffic reconverges after a short period of time.

Clear learned entries, which are media access control (MAC) addresses, in the Ethernet switching table (also called the forwarding database table).



Clear learned entries in the Ethernet switching table, except for persistent MAC addresses.

interface interface-name

(Optional) Clear all learned MAC addresses for the specified interface from the Ethernet switching table.

mac mac-address

(Optional) Clear the specified learned MAC address from the Ethernet switching table.


(Optional) Clear all MAC addresses learned for the management VLAN from the Ethernet switching table. Note that you do not specify a VLAN name because only one management VLAN exists.

persistent-mac <interface | mac-address>

(Optional) Clear all MAC addresses, including persistent MAC addresses. Use the interface option to clear all MAC addresses on an interface, or use the mac-address option to clear all entries for a specific MAC address.

Use this command whenever you move a device in your network that has a persistent MAC address on the switch. If you move the device to another port on the switch and do not clear the persistent MAC address from the original port it was learned on, then the new port will not learn the MAC address and the device will not be able to connect. If the original port is down when you move the device, then the new port will learn the MAC address and the device can connect—however, unless you cleared the MAC address on the original port, when the port comes back up, the system reinstalls the persistent MAC address in the forwarding table for that port. If this occurs, the address is removed from the new port and the device loses connectivity.

vlan vlan-name

(Optional) Clear all MAC addresses learned for the specified VLAN from the Ethernet switching table.

Required Privilege Level


Output Fields

This command produces no output.

Sample Output

clear ethernet-switching table

Release Information

Command introduced in Junos OS Release 9.3.