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Syntax (PTX-Series Devices)

Hierarchy Level


Configure options for the Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE). Click here to see the platforms supporting pfe configuration options.



PFE identifier or PFE number that represents the PFE ASIC ID ranges from 0-4 for PTX10004 and 0-7 for PTX10008 devices.


Power PFEs on or off

  • off—Power off PFE to save power in scenarios where full system capacity is not required. You can power off the ASICs on PTX10001-36MR device using the set chassis fpc <slot number> pfe <pfe-instance number> power off command. For PTX10003 devices, FPC Restart, offline and online options are available. If FPC power off is set along with PFE power ON, then PFE power ON is not initiated.

  • on—Power on PFE

    By default, PFE is on, considered power on. FPC power off supersedes PFE power on.


Disable temperature based PFE performance throttling. By default, the system detects overheat condition at individual PFE level and gradually reduces the performance of the affected PFE. This results in reduction of power consumption, heat dissipation, PFE operating temperature, and prevents line card shutdown.

  • Default

    By default, automatic performance throttling is enabled.


Disable temperature based PFE voltage reduction. By default, the system detects the ASIC temperature at individual PFE level that reaches the safe operating limit and dynamically manages the voltage of the DC-DC converters. This results in reduction of power consumption.

  • Default

    By default, temperature voltage reduction is enabled.


Tunnel services configuration

The remaining statements are explained separately. See CLI Explorer.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

exception-reporting option added in Junos OS Release 21.2R1.

temp-perf-throttle-disable option added in Junos OS Evolved Release 21.4R1.

temp-volt-reduction-disable option added in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.2R1.

exception-reporting option added in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.2R1.