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Data Collection for Customer Support

Before you contact customer support, collect the data listed in Table 1.

Table 1: Data Collection for Customer Support

Background information

  • All SSH or Telnet session captures

  • Any available topology information

  • Summary of how the device is being used (such as production, lab system, colocation)

  • Summary of device history (new installation, production for x months or years, other recent cases)

  • Summary of any recent changes in the network or on the device

Request support information (RSI)

Collect the RSI:

request support information | save /var/tmp/rsi-CURRENT DATE.log


Archive the contents of the /var/log/ folder:

file archive compress source /var/log/* destination /var/tmp/logs-CURRENT-DATE.tgz

Ensure that the /var/log/ directory is archived properly by verifying the file size using the file list /var/tmp/logs-CURRENT-DATE.tgz detail command.


Upload all the logs to the JTAC support case. For instructions on how to upload the logs, see KB23337.