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Disabling a Chassis Cluster

If you want to operate the SRX Series Firewall back as a standalone device or to remove a node from a chassis cluster, you must disable the chassis cluster.

The node could fail to load the configuration if you disable the cluster and the configuration contains groups 'node0', 'node1' defining key resources. These groups (automatically generated in case of a cluster) will exist no more and the resulting configuration could be inconsistent.

In such events, the node will come up partially amnesiac (logins will be remembered).

To disable chassis cluster, enter the following command:

After the system reboots, the chassis cluster is disabled.

After the chassis cluster is disabled using this CLI command, you do not have a similar CLI option to enable it back.

To restore the chassis cluster, set the cluster-id by entering the following command:

When setting the cluster, the secondary node PFEMAN process will restart.

You can also use the below CLI commands to disable chassis cluster:

  • To disable cluster on node 0:

  • To disable cluster on node 1:

    Setting cluster-id to zero disables clustering on a device.