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Hierarchy Level


Configure the MACsec security mode for the connectivity association.

We recommend enabling MACsec on switch-to-switch Ethernet links using static connectivity association key (CAK) security mode. Static CAK security mode ensures security by frequently refreshing to a new random secure association key (SAK) and by only sharing the SAK between the two devices on the MACsec-secured point-to-point link. Additionally, some optional MACsec features—replay protection, SCI tagging, and the ability to exclude traffic from MACsec—are only available when you enable MACsec using static CAK security mode.



Specifies the MACsec security mode. Options include:

  • dynamic—Dynamic mode.

    Dynamic security mode is used to enable MACsec on switch-to-host Ethernet links. In dynamic mode, a master key is retrieved from a RADIUS server by a switch and a host as part of the AAA handshake in separate transactions. The MKA protocol is enabled when the master key is exchanged between the switch and the host.

  • static-cak —Static connectivity association key (CAK) mode.

    Static CAK security mode is used to enable MACsec on switch-to-switch Ethernet links. In static-cak mode, the switch at one end of the point-to-point link acts as the key server and regularly transmits a randomized key using a process that does not transmit any traffic outside of the MACsec-secured point-to-point link.

Required Privilege Level

admin—To view this statement in the configuration.

admin-control—To add this statement to the configuration.

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 15.1X49-D60.