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Preventing Communication Among Customer Edge Devices as ACX Routers

In a bridge domain, when a frame is received from a CE interface, it is flooded to the other CE interfaces and all of the provider edge (PE) interfaces if the destination MAC address is not learned or if the frame is either broadcast or multicast. If the destination MAC address is learned on another CE device, such a frame is unicasted to the CE interface on which the MAC address is learned. This might not be desirable if the service provider does not want CE devices to communicate with each other directly.

To prevent CE devices from communicating directly, include the no-local-switching statement at the [edit bridge-domains bridge-domain-name] hierarchy level. Configure the logical interfaces in the bridge domain as core-facing (PE interfaces) by including the core-facing statement at the [edit interfaces interface-nameunit logical-unit-number family family] hierarchy level to specify that the VLAN is physically connected to a core-facing ISP router and ensures that the network does not improperly treat the interface as a client interface. When specified, traffic from one CE interface is not forwarded to another CE interface.

For the no-local-switching option , integrated routing and bridging (IRB) configured on a bridge domain with this option enabled is not treated as a designated CE or PE interface. Traffic arriving from a CE or PE interface can navigate towards IRB and traffic that reaches in the input direction to the IRB can pass out of a CE or PE interface. The disabling of local switching achieves the functionality of split-horizon in a bridge domain. If no-local-switching is configured in a bridge domain, , then traffic cannot flow between CE and CE interfaces. This stoppage of trafic flow includes known unicast and multicast, unknown unicast and multicast, and broadcast traffic. However, traffic continues to be transmitted between CE and PE interfaces, and PE and PE interfaces..