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Configuring MAC Learning Priority

You can configure MAC learning priority on interfaces so that MAC addresses are always learnt on the high priority interface.

If two interfaces receive the traffic with the same source MAC address, the MAC address is learnt on the high priority interface and the interface continues to forward the traffic. However, when an low priority interface receives the traffic from the same source MAC address, the traffic is discarded and will not be forwarded in the VLAN. MAC address move will not happen through the lower priority interface.

MAC address move is allowed when you configure the interfaces with the same MAC learning priority. When interfaces are not configured with MAC learning priority, then the default priority for each interface is 4.

In scenarios where you want the source MAC address to be learnt on a particular interface but still forward traffic received on other interfaces of the VLAN (without MAC move to the new interface), then you can configure persistent MAC learning on other interfaces. See Understanding and Using Persistent MAC Learning .

To configure MAC learning priority, use the mac-learning-priority configuration statement at the [edit switch-options interface interface-name] hierarchy level.