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Replace an Event Script

You can update or replace an existing event script without changing the device’s configuration or disrupting operations. Follow these steps:

  1. Edit the existing event script or write a new one.
  2. Copy the script to the /var/db/scripts/event directory on the hard disk or the /config/scripts/event directory on the flash drive; for information about setting the storage location for scripts, see Store Scripts in Flash Memory. Only users who belong to the Junos super-user login class can alter files in these directories.

    Unsigned Python scripts must be owned by either root or a user in the Junos OS super-user login class, and only the file owner can have write permission for the file.


    If the device has dual Routing Engines, remember to copy the script to the /var/db/scripts/event or /config/scripts/event directory on both Routing Engines. Alternatively, you can synchronize scripts between Routing Engines by using the commit synchronize scripts command when you commit the configuration.

  3. Issue the request system scripts event-scripts reload operational mode command.

All event scripts are reloaded into the eventd process’ memory.