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Include the document element for the style sheet. This element defines the root element of the style sheet, which contains all the top-level elements such as global variable and parameter declarations, import elements, and templates. Optionally, namespace mappings, which include an extension prefix and Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), can be included as attributes in the opening <xsl:stylesheet> tag.

Any <xsl:import> elements must be the first elements within the style sheet, the first children of the <xsl:stylesheet> document element. The path can be any Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The ../import/junos.xsl path shown in the syntax is standard for all commit scripts, op scripts, and event scripts.



Specifies the version of XSLT that is being used. Junos OS supports XSLT version 1.0.


(Optional) Maps a namespace prefix to the URI for extension elements.