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Preserve whitespace-only child text nodes for the source tree element nodes listed, but not for the child text nodes of the element node children. To preserve whitespace-only child text nodes of the element node children, specify the child nodes as separate entries in the preserve-space element list. Specifying an asterisk preserves whitespace-only child elements for all elements, which is the default behavior. A text node is considered whitespace-only if it includes only spaces, tabs, newlines, and carriage returns.

The preserve-space statement is only needed if the strip-space statement has been used with an asterisk, indicating that whitespace-only child text nodes should be removed from all element nodes. In this case, use the preserve-space statement to indicate specific element nodes that should not have their whitespace-only child text nodes stripped.

This statement must be defined as a top-level statement in the script.



Space-separated list of element names for which to preserve whitespace-only child text nodes.

SLAX Example

The following example removes all whitespace-only text nodes from the source tree except for child elements of <user-context>:

Release Information

Statement introduced in version 1.0 of the SLAX language.