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Declare a parameter for a template or for the style sheet as a whole. Template parameters declared with the param statement must be placed inside the template code block. A global parameter, the scope of which is the entire style sheet, must be declared at the top level of the style sheet. You can include an initial value by following the parameter name with an equal sign (=) and a value expression. A parameter whose value is set by Junos OS at script initialization must be defined as a global parameter.

In SLAX, parameter and variable names are declared and accessed using the dollar sign ($). This is unlike the name attribute of <xsl:variable> and <xsl:parameter> elements, which do not include the dollar sign in the declaration.



Defines the name of the parameter.


Defines the default value for the parameter, which is used if the person or client application that executes the script does not explicitly provide a value.

SLAX Example

XSLT Equivalent

Release Information

Statement introduced in version 1.0 of the SLAX language.