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emit_snmp_attributes Function (Python)


Python Syntax


Return the attributes for the requested MIB object from a Python SNMP script.

SNMP scripts provide the flexibility to support custom MIBs. SNMP scripts are triggered automatically when the SNMP manager requests information for an unsupported object identifier (OID) that is mapped to an SNMP script. When the script is invoked, the jcs.emit_snmp_attributes() function emits the data for the requested object. The script acts like an SNMP subagent, and the system sends the return value from the script to the network management system (NMS).



String containing the OID about which the script is returning information.


String that specifies the type of the data being returned for the requested MIB object. Acceptable values are Counter32, Counter64, Integer32, Unsigned32, and Octet String.


Data to return for the requested MIB object.

Usage Examples

The following example Python SNMP script processes unsupported object identifiers (OIDs) that are mapped to the script in the Junos OS configuration. The emit_snmp_attributes() function returns the attributes for the requested OID.

Release Information

Function introduced in Junos OS Release 16.1R1.