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XSLT Elements Without SLAX Equivalents

Some XSLT elements are not directly translated into SLAX statements. Some examples of XSLT elements for which there are no SLAX equivalents in SLAX version 1.0 are <xsl:fallback>, <xsl:output>, and <xsl:sort>.

You can encode these elements directly as normal SLAX elements in the XSLT namespace. For example, you can include the <xsl:output> and <xsl:sort> elements in a SLAX script, as shown here:

When you include XSLT namespace elements in a SLAX script, do not include closing tags. For empty tags, do not include a forward slash (/) after the tag name. The examples shown in this section demonstrate the correct syntax.

The following XSLT snippet contains a combination of elements, some of which have SLAX counterparts and some of which do not:

The SLAX conversion uses the XSLT namespace for XSLT elements that do not have SLAX counterparts: