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Overview of Using Event Policies to Raise SNMP Traps

SNMP traps enable an agent to notify a network management system (NMS) of significant events by way of an unsolicited SNMP message. You can configure an event policy action that raises traps for events based on system log messages. If one or more of the listed events occur, the system log message for the event is converted into a trap. This enables notification of an SNMP trap-based application when an important system log message occurs. You can convert any system log message (for which there are no corresponding traps) into a trap. This is helpful if you use NMS traps rather than system log messages to monitor your network.

To configure an event policy that raises a trap on receipt of an event, include the following statements at the [edit event-options policy policy-name] hierarchy level:

The Juniper Networks enterprise-specific System Log MIB, whose object identifier is {jnxMibs 35}, provides support for this feature.