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Overview of Junos Automation Enhancements on Devices Running Junos OS with Enhanced Automation

The Junos Automation Enhancements are designed to support the increasing needs of large data centers for more automation and programmability.

Features of the Junos Automation Enhancements

To use the Junos Automation Enhancements, you must install the software bundle that contains Enhanced Automation. The filename of the software bundle varies, depending on the switch. For example, for the QFX5200 switch, you would install an image with the filename jinstall-qfx-5e-flex-version-domestic-signed.tgz. This software bundle is identical to the other software bundle except that Veriexec is disabled, which enables you to run unsigned programs, such as programs that you develop with Python, Chef, and Puppet. The Junos Automation Enhancements include the following features:

  • The factory default configuration is a Layer 3 configuration. (The standard default factory configuration on some device series is Layer 2.)

  • Safeguards ensure that you cannot overwrite essential Junos OS files, including system log notifications.

  • The installation automatically sets up and reserves a 1 GB user partition on your system. You can use this partition to store your binaries and additional packages.

  • The user partition is not overwritten when you upgrade or downgrade the software to a OS image that does not contain the automation enhancements.


    If you make changes to the user partition while performing a unified in-service software upgrade (unified ISSU), the changes might be lost.

  • The Python interpreter is included by default.

  • Chef for Junos OS and Puppet for Junos OS automation tools for provisioning and managing computer networking and storage resources are included.


    For full compatibility, you must use only Chef for Junos OS and Puppet for Junos OS rather than the standard FreeBSD versions of Chef and Puppet software.


Download additional third party packages at your own risk.