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Configuring an Event Policy to Retry the File Upload Action

You can configure an event policy to upload existing system files or to upload the output files generated from an invoked event-script or command at the time an event occurs. Transient network problems can cause a file upload operation to fail. When this happens, you might want to retry the file upload operation. By default, if the file upload operation fails for any reason, the event policy does not retry the upload operation.

To configure the policy to retry a file upload operation, include the optional retry-count and retry-interval statements:

You can include these statements at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then event-script filename destination destination-name]

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then execute-commands destination destination-name]

  • [edit event-options policy policy-name then upload filename (filename | committed) destination destination-name]

The retry-count statement sets the number of times the policy retries the upload operation if the upload fails. The default value for the retry-count statement is 0 and the maximum is 10.

If you include the retry-count statement, you can also include the retry-interval statement, which sets the time interval (in seconds) between each retry.

For a configuration example, see Example: Configuring an Event Policy to Retry the File Upload Action.