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Configuring Global APPID Properties

You can define additional properties that apply on a global basis to APPID processing and are not part of a specific application, group, rule, or profile definition. To configure these global APPID properties, include the following statements at the [edit services application-identification] hierarchy level:

The global application properties have the following effect:

  • application-system-cache-timeout—Lifetime for system cache entries, in seconds.

  • max-checked-bytes—The maximum number of bytes to be inspected in APPID processing, in the range from 0 through 100,000 bytes.

  • min-checked-bytes—The minimum number of bytes to be inspected in APPID processing, in the range from 0 through 2000 bytes.

  • nested-application—Configure a custom nested application definition for the desired application name that is used by the system to identify the nested application as it passes through the device. For more information see nested-application.

  • nested-application-settings—Configure nested application options for application identification services. This statement is deprecated in Junos OS Release 12.3X48-D10 and later. For more information see nested-application-settings.

  • no-application-identification—Disable all application identification methods.

  • no-application-system-cache—Disable storing application identification results in the application system cache.

  • no-clear-application-system-cache—Disable clearing the application system cache.

  • no-protocol-method—Disable the protocol-based application identification method, which is enabled by default.

  • no-signature-based—Disable the signature-based application identification method.

  • signature-method-all-ports—Run signature matching on all traffic.