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Applying L-PDF Profiles to Service Sets

You can optionally apply policy decision statistics profiles as part of a service-set definition. To do this, you include the policy-decision-statistics-profile statement at the [edit services service-set service-set-name] hierarchy level:


To provide high availability for the policy decision statistics, associate the service-set definition with a redundant services PIC (rsp) interface.

You can include only one profile name in the specification for the application-aware access-list statement.

The following example shows a sample configuration for attachment of an L-PDF statistics profile:


Only one service set can be applied to a single interface when L-PDF functionality is used.

The following example shows a sample configuration for attachment of a service set to a static interface:


The session-offload statement at the [edit chassis fpc slot-number pic number adaptive-services service-package extension-provider] hierarchy level controls session offload behavior for Multiservices DPCs on MX Series routers. It controls session offload on a per-device basis, where a device is a Multiservices interface (ms-fpc-pic-port). Currently, the session offload function is supported for at most one Multiservices interface. When the offload function is enabled, we recommended that you limit Junos Application Aware (previously known as Dynamic Application Awareness) features to that Multiservices interface.

The default is to not offload any sessions.