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Known Issues

This section lists the known issues in Junos Space Network Managemen Platform Release 24.1R1.

For the most complete and latest information about known defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • When you change the VIP node IP and the device management IP, the toolkit configuration fails to update the changed IPs. PR1791521

  • The user session gets terminated by the administrator when the disaster recovery initialization is in progress on the standby site. PR1793725

  • There are issues in the CLI console during Junos Space Network Management Platform deployment. PR1798841

  • During Junos Space Network Management Platform installation, when you enter NTP server details, it shows failure in the process even when it is in progress.

    Workaround: During installation process, you can choose to accept or ignore the configured NTP, DNS, and gateways. PR1783618

  • When you run disaster recovery initialization on the standby site, it shows as in-progress in the runtime properties. PR1783788

  • The VIP node is not associated to any other node when the primary database goes down while disaster recovery is in start state. For details, see Reimage a Node and Add Back with the Same IP Address. PR1796401

  • When you start disaster recovery through Junos Space Network Management Platform GUI, it triggers only in the active site.

    Workaround: Log in to the CLI and while targetting the standby site, run the jmp-dr start -s command. PR1793727

  • In two nodes disaster recovery, when you try to change the IP node, it becomes unreachable.


    • If you want to change any of the VIP nodes, IP nodes or device management IPs in the disaster recovery setup, you must reset the disaster recovery and create them as two independent sites.

    • Perform the required IP changes either through the CLI menu. Select Change Network Settings. Or, through the Junos Space Network Management Platform GUI under Administration > Fabric.

      When the required IPs are changed, both setups are stable, and disaster recovery is recreated between the sites. PR1792583

  • During disaster recovery operation, if any operation is running at the backend during database restart, Fail in load selections data window appears. You must select OK and continue. PR1789812

  • Last monitoring time for nodes fail to update on the fabric page. PR1791603