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Resolved Issues

For the most complete and latest information about known defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • Purging jobs fail with An error occurred while purging the information from JobInstance and its reference tables error. PR1788172

  • When user sets Out of Sync filter for Managed Status in the Device Inventory Report the system fails to generate any result. PR1787517

  • After upgrading to Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 22.2R1 hot patch v3, when user cancels the Modify Template window without any changes, the Last Modified By name changes to the current user and the Last Update Time changes to the current time. Templates created on older versions also increment the latest version number. PR1785850

  • Multiple jobs are stuck in in-progress state. PR1781356

  • After jmp-dr starts, there is high network traffic on both active and standby sites and database logs display 1062 error repetitively. PR1779392

  • Large fileHandleLeak.log is caused by large number of python processes. PR1778019

  • The user is unable to filter jobs from the job list. PR1773076

  • Disaster recovery fails to synchronize sites. PR1769758

  • The quick template with variable objects does not function as in the earlier schema versions. PR1767487

  • Junos Space Network Management Paltform goes into maintenance mode frequently and displays Junos space is starting up, please wait message. PR1765032

  • Adding more devices to an existing model device takes longer than usual to open. PR1744314

  • When user takes longer time to response after starting the CLI command, the system displays Forgot a callback but don't know where? Use NODE_DEBUG=fs error. PR1742472

  • After running the vulnerability scan, the following vulnerability is displayed for JA2500 ssh-weak-message-authentication-code-algorithms.


  • The VIP node failover did not work as expected. PR1729124

  • Management sessions are not in line with the GUI data. PR1706934

  • The user receives an unexpected SNMP restart from all nodes and is unable to use Junos Space Network Management Platform. PR1704320

  • Parallel requests to OpenNMS fails with 500 error. PR1699620

  • The user receives 1000 configuration files through API request, but GUI shows more nodes. PR1670255

  • After upgrading to Junos Space Network Management Platform 23.1R1, the database status shows Out of Sync because of MySQL disk space utilization.


    1. Log in to Junos Space Network Management Platform CLI.

    2. Edit the /var/chroot/mysql/etc/ my.cnf file, to add: expire_log_days=3

    3. Restart MySQL service using the following command: service mysqld restart


  • Resynchronization with the network fails with java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException error. PR1740818

  • When you upload PKCS12 format certificate, Junos Space Network Management Platform displays an error. PR1739065

  • Deleted devices continue to appear in the Network Monitoring node list even after deletion. PR1735659

  • The database purging policy gets stuck in Junos Space Network Management Platform resulting in no data backup. PR1734126

  • When you try to discover a device using the FIPS mode or SNMP, it fails with SNMPv3 AuthType should be SHA1 when the server is in FIPS mode error message. PR1732817

  • The configuration does not match the device in Junos Space Network Management Platform, even after resynchronization with the network. PR1732590

  • While the user changes domains in the Device Management page and Job Management page, an error is displayed. PR1731540

  • Starting in Junos Space Network Management Platform Release 22.3R1, user fails to upgrade ACX1100 and ACX2200 devices as the no-copy option is unavailable and the devices do not have sufficient space to hold copies of the software. PR1717146

  • Junos Space Network Management Platform displays the device status as in-sync besides an option to resolve Out-of-Band (OOB) changes. PR1661072

  • Junos Space Network Management Platform GUI shows incorrect number of nodes under Network Monitoring. PR1659947