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Viewing Devices and Logical Systems with QuickView

The QuickView feature shows you the type and status of a device or logical system using an icon.

To view a device or logical system using Quick View:

  1. On the Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.
  2. Select the Quick View action button on the menu bar.
  3. Alternatively, at the right edge of the Network Management Platform page, find the sidebar open arrow for the Device Management table.

    Be careful to find the correct sidebar open arrow. There are two; one on the left that opens the Quick View sidebar, and one on the right that opens the Help panel.

    The Quick View sidebar arrow in green. The other arrow, highlighted in red, opens the Help sidebar.

  4. Click the Quick View sidebar open arrow.

    Platform opens the Quick View sidebar. The Quick View shows the status of the device that is currently selected in the table.

You can close the Quick View window in the same way that you opened it.