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Viewing, Configuring, and Searching for Notifications

When the system detects important events, one or more notices are sent automatically to configured notification information (such as a pager, an e-mail address, or other notification methods). In order to receive notices, users must have their notification information configured in their user profile (see Configuring Network Monitoring System Settings), notices must be switched on, and an important event must be received.

Select Network Monitoring > Notifications. From the Notifications page, you can:

  • Display all unacknowledged notices sent to your user ID by clicking Your outstanding notices.

  • View all unacknowledged notices for all users by clicking All outstanding notices.

  • View a summary of all notices sent and acknowledged for all users by clicking All acknowledged notices.

  • Search for notices associated with a specific user ID by entering that user ID in the User field and clicking Check notices.

  • Jump immediately to a page with details specific to a given notice identifier by entering that numeric identifier in the Notice field and clicking Get details.


    Getting details is particularly useful if you are using a numeric paging service and receive the numeric notice identifier as part of the page.

Notification Escalation

Once a notice is sent, it is considered outstanding until someone acknowledges receipt of the notice using the Notice notice ID section of the Notifications page. Select Network Monitoring > Notifications, enter a notice ID in the Notice field, click Get details, and click Acknowledge.

If the event that triggered the notice was related to managed network devices or systems, the Network/Systems group is notified, one by one, with a notice sent to the next member on the list only after 15 minutes has elapsed since the last message was sent.

This progression through the list, or escalation, can be stopped at any time by acknowledging the notice. Note that this is not the same as acknowledging the event that triggered the notice. If all members of the group have been notified and the notice has not been acknowledged, the notice is escalated to the Management group, where all members of that group are notified simultaneously (with no 15-minute escalation interval). For details on configuring groups, see Configuring Network Monitoring System Settings.