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Managing Tags

You can use tags to label and categorize objects in your network, such as subnets, devices, services, users, customers, and so forth so you can filter, monitor, or perform batch actions on them without having to select each object separately. You can also use tags to select devices. The inventory page allows you to manage and manipulate personal tags that you created. You must have the Super Administrator, System Administrator, or Tag Administrator role to manage tags.

The Tags page is empty for a new Junos Space installation until you create public and private tags. However, if you have upgraded from a previous release, then public and private tags from the preupgraded setup are listed on the Tags page. Tags are visible only to you unless the Tag Administrator shares them and makes them public to all users. Tags created by other users are private and visible only to them unless the Tag Administrator shares them and makes them public to all users.

You can manage all tags applied to inventory objects from the Administration > Tags inventory page. You can share, rename, or delete tags. You can view the list of objects assigned to a tag from the Tags page.

Viewing Tags

To view tags on the inventory page:

  • All tags appear on the inventory page in tabular view and are listed alphabetically by tag name.

    You can filter inventory objects by tag name (see Filtering the Inventory by Using Tags).

Viewing Tag Information

Tag data includes tag name, tag owner, access type, and number of objects tagged by a particular tag. See Table 1.

Table 1: Tag Information

Tag Data



Unique tag name. Tag names cannot start with a space or be longer than 256 characters.


Owner of a private tag. Public tags do not have a specific owner and hence this column is empty for public tags.

A user with the Super Administrator role can view private tags of all users, whereas a user without this role can view only the private tags created by that user.

Access Type

Tags can be public (shared) or private (visible only to the creator).

Tagged Object Count

Number of objects tagged in all workspace inventory pages by the tag. You can click the link to view the objects that are assigned to a specific tag.

You can sort and hide columns. You can also filter data on the Name, Owner, and Access Type columns. For more information about manipulating tables in tabular view, see Junos Space User Interface Overview in the Junos Space User Interface Guide.

Performing Actions on Tags

To perform an action on one or more tags:

  1. Select one or more tags in the table.

    Click a tag to select it. If you select one tag, you can perform all tag-management actions. If you select two or more tags, you can only delete the tags.

  2. Select a command from the Actions menu or the shortcut menu.

    You can share (see Sharing a Tag), rename (see Renaming Tags), delete (see Deleting Tags, or deselect all selected tags. You can also view the objects that are assigned the selected tag (Viewing Tagged Objects).