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Canceling Jobs

Junos Space Network Management Platform allows you to cancel jobs that are scheduled for execution. You can also cancel jobs that are not completed for a long time or jobs that are hindering the execution of other jobs in the queue. You can cancel jobs from the Job Management page by using the Cancel Job task in the Actions menu.

Only jobs in the Scheduled or In Progress state can be canceled. If you select jobs in other states, the Cancel Job option is unavailable for selection.

If you are a user who is assigned the privileges of a Job Administrator, you can cancel jobs scheduled by any user. If you are a user who is assigned the privileges of a Job User, you can cancel only those jobs that are scheduled by you. If you are assigned a role that does not allow you to cancel any job, you cannot cancel any job in the Jobs workspace.

  • If Junos Space Platform determines that the job operation cannot be interrupted, the job runs to completion; otherwise, the job is canceled.

  • When you cancel jobs that are in-progress, some tasks associated with the job may be completed, depending on the stage at which you canceled the job. The status of the job on the Job Management page appears as Cancelled.

  • Junos Space Platform does not clean up canceled jobs.

To cancel a job:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Jobs > Job Management.

    The Job Management page appears.

  2. Click the job or multiple jobs to select the ones you want to cancel.
  3. Select Cancel Job from the Actions menu.

    If any of the jobs you selected is in a state that you cannot cancel, the Cancel Job option is not available for selection.

    The Cancel Job dialog box appears listing the jobs you selected for cancellation.

  4. Click Yes to confirm cancellation of selected jobs.

    When the Cancel Job task is completed, the Job Management page displays the state of the jobs as Cancelled.

    The Summary column provides information about the user who canceled the jobs.