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Device Images Overview

In Junos Space, a device image is a software installation package that enables you to upgrade to or downgrade from one Junos operating system (Junos OS) release to another. Junos Space Network Management Platform facilitates the management of device images for devices running Junos OS by enabling you to upload device images from your local file system and deploy them on a device or multiple devices of the same device family simultaneously. You can download device images from . For more information about downloading device images, see the Junos OS Installation and Upgrade Guide.

After you upload a device image, you can stage the device image on a device, verify the checksum, and deploy the staged image whenever required. You can also schedule the staging, deployment, and validation of a device image. You can modify the platforms supported by the device image and the description of the device image.

The Images and Scripts workspace in Junos Space Platform also enables you to manage Junos Continuity software packages (JAM packages) on the MX240, MX480, MX960, MX2010, and MX2020 Series 3D Universal Edge Routers. The filenames for Junos Continuity software packages are prefixed with jam- and are referred to as JAM packages in Junos Space Platform. Junos Continuity software packages are optional software packages that enable the router to support new hardware, such as Modular Port Concentrators (MPCs), without Junos OS being upgraded. For more information about Junos Continuity software and the platforms and hardware supported, see the Junos Continuity software documentation.

From the Images and Scripts workspace of Junos Space Platform, you can also stage and deploy satellite software packages to Juniper Networks devices functioning as aggregation devices and to the satellite devices connected to those aggregation devices. Satellite software packages have names prefixed with satellite- and must be downloaded and imported to Junos Space Platform before you can stage or deploy them. For more information about aggregation devices, satellite devices, and satellite software, refer to the Junos Fusion documentation.

For more information about aggregation devices and satellite devices in Junos Space Platform, see Device Inventory Overview.

You can perform the following tasks from the Images page:

  • Upload device images onto Junos Space Platform.

  • View details of the image uploaded to Junos Space Platform.

  • Modify a device image.

  • Stage a device image on a device.

  • View the devices that are associated with a staged image.

  • Verify the checksum.

  • View and delete MD5 validation results.

  • Deploy a device image.

  • View device image deployment results.

  • Undeploy a JAM package from a device.

  • Remove a staged device image from a device.

  • Delete device images from Junos Space Platform.

  • Assign a device image to a domain.

  • Tag and untag the images, view the images that are tagged, and delete private tags.

On the basis of the roles assigned to your username, Junos Space Platform enables or disables different tasks. For more information about the roles that must be assigned to you so that you can perform tasks on device images, see Predefined Roles Overview.