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Deleting Configuration Files

You can delete device configuration files from Junos Space Network Management Platform if you no longer need them. You may want to delete the device configuration files in the following scenarios:

  • When you want to use the device for a totally different purpose from what it is currently used for. In this case, because the configuration may have changed considerably, you cannot use the old backup configuration files to restore the device configuration.

  • When the backup configuration file contains incorrect configuration information.


Before you proceed with the deletion, be aware that all versions of a backup configuration file are deleted from Junos Space Platform when you initiate a delete operation.

This delete operation does not delete the configuration file versions on the device.

To delete a configuration file:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Configuration Files > Config Files Management.

    The Config Files Management page appears, displaying all the configuration files saved in Junos Space Platform.

  2. Select the configuration files that you want to delete and click the Delete Configuration Files icon.

    The Delete Config File(s) dialog box appears, listing the devices whose configuration files you have selected for deletion.

  3. Click Delete.

    The Delete Configuration Files dialog box appears. This dialog box displays a message indicating that the delete action is successfully scheduled, and also displays a link to a job ID. You can click the job ID link to view details of the delete job on the Job Management page.

  4. Click OK on the Delete Configuration Files dialog box to close the dialog box.

    The Config Files Management page reappears, displaying the remaining configuration files in Junos Space Platform.

When you delete a configuration file, an audit log entry is automatically generated. From the audit log entry, you can identify the user who initiated the delete operation, the IP address from which this task was initiated, and other details.