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Viewing an Operation

Junos Space Network Management Platform enables you to perform scripts and device images related tasks simultaneously, by allowing you to group tasks, such as staging device images and staging or executing scripts, into a single operation. The Operations page of the Images and Scripts workspace enables you to view and manage these operations in Junos Space Platform.

You can view information about all the operations in Junos Space Platform from the Operations page. To view detailed information about a particular operation, you can use the View Operation Details option.

To view operations from the Operations page:

  1. On the Junos Space Platform UI, select Images and Scripts > Operations.

    The Operations page appears, displaying the operations created in or imported to Junos Space Platform.

    Table 1 describes the fields displayed on the Operations page.

    You can use the filter option on the drop-down lists of all fields except the Priority field, to specify the filter criteria. When you apply the filters, the page displays only the operations that match the filter criteria.

  2. Select an operation and click the View Operation Details icon, or double-click the operation whose details you want to view.

    The View Operations dialog box appears.

    Table 1 also contains the description of fields in the View Operations dialog box.

  3. (Optional) Click the arrow next to the script, image, or operation name to view details for the script, image, or operation respectively.
Table 1: Description of Fields on the Operations Page and the View Operations dialog box



Displayed In


Displays a star icon if the operation is marked as important

Operations page

Operation Name

Name of the operation

Operations page


Domain to which the operation is assigned

Operations page


Description of the operation

Operations page

View Operations dialog box

Creation Time

Date and time when the operation was created or imported

Operations page

Last Updated Time

Date and time when the operation was last modified

Operations page


Name of the Operation

View Operations dialog box

Mark as important

Values are True or False

View Operations dialog box

  • Name

  • Type

  • Action

  • Description

  • Name of the device image or script

  • Image or Script

  • Action to be performed on the device image or script

  • Description of the device image or script

View Operations dialog box