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Quick Templates Overview

With the Quick Template feature, you can use a CLI-based template editor or a form-based editor to send configuration details to multiple devices. You can switch between the two editors to specify the configuration that you want to send. A configuration added from the form-based editor appears in the CLI-based template editor in CLI format and a configuration element added from the CLI-based editor appears as a form in the form-based editor.

During Quick template creation, you can set default values for variables in the configuration elements and reorder these variables. You use the revised order to display variables when you resolve these variables before deploying them. You can save the variable settings in a CSV file and download it to your local computer.

You can deploy Quick templates on devices by manually selecting devices; by filtering devices by their properties such as device name, connection status, managed status, Junos OS version, IP address, and platform, by tags, or by providing a CSV file with filter criteria. Before you deploy the configuration to the devices, resolve the variables in the configuration elements manually, using tags, or by uploading a CSV file that specifies how to resolve the variables. You can choose to deploy the configuration immediately, or at a later time, or only publish the Quick template.

You can export and import Quick templates in XML format. You can create a Quick template based on the current configuration on a managed device by using the Create Template from Device Configuration workflow (Devices > Device Management > Device Configuration > Create Template from Device Configuration) from the Devices workspace.

You cannot copy the configuration from the CLI-based template editor directly to the CLI console of a device. To successfully copy and commit the configuration, copy the configuration from the CLI-based template editor to a text file before copying the configuration to the CLI console of a device.


You can erase the configuration from a device by using Quick templates. To do so, replace the SET commands with DELETE commands by using the CLI-based Template editor and deploy the Quick template to the device. Then the configuration is erased from the device. If you undeploy the Quick template from the device, the configuration is reset.