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Validate Peer Site

Use the Validate Peer Site page to check the reachability of the peer site, before you add it to the Disaster Recovery (DR) environment.

Before you configure the DR, ensure that your Junos Space installation meets the following prerequisites:

  • The Junos Space cluster at the primary or active site ( single node or multiple nodes) and the cluster at the remote or standby site (single node or multiple nodes) must have the same configuration, with the same applications, device adapters, same IP family configurations, and so on.

  • Passwords used must be valid.

  • Both clusters must be configured with SMTP server information from the Junos Space GUI. For more information, see Managing SMTP Servers. This configuration enables the clusters at both the active site and the standby site to notify the administrator by e-mail if the replications fail.

  • The arbitrary devices used must be reachable.

To validate peer site in active and standby site:

  1. Select Administration > Disaster Recovery > Validate Peer Site.

    The Validate Peer Site page appears.

  2. Enter the required parameters and select one or more devices from the list that you want to validate. See Table 1 for more details on the Validate Peer Site page.
Table 1: Fields on Validate Peer Site page



Peer Site VIP Address

Enter a valid peer site VIP address.

Load Balancer’s CLI Admin Password

Enter the correct load balancer password.

Confirm Password

Re-enter the above password.

Arbitrary Devices

Select one or more devices from the list of devices used during the DR auto failover.

You can also search and filter the devices.

Device Name

Displays the name of the device.

Device Alias

Displays the alias for the device.

IP Address

Shows the IP addresses for the devices.


Displays the platform for the devices.

OS Version

Displays the OS version of devices.

Connection Status

Displays the connection status of the devices.

Validate Peer Site

Select to validate the selections and perform the validation.

This is enabled when the mandatory fields are filled.


Select to cancel the selections and go back to the landing page of DR.