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Managing and Unmanaging Interfaces and Services

To manage a service, you must manage its interface. The Manage and Unmanage Interfaces and Services page enables you to manage not only interfaces, but also the combination of node, interface, and service. The tables on this page display the latter, with the Status column indicating if the interface or service is managed or not.

Managing an interface or service means that the network monitoring functionality performs tests on this interface or service. If you want to explicitly enable or disable testing, you can set that up here. A typical case is if a webserver is listening on both an internal and an external interface. If you manage the service on both interfaces, you will get two notifications if it fails. If you want only one notification, unmanage the service on one of the interfaces.

Select Network Monitoring > Admin > Manage and Unmanage Interfaces and Services to manage or unmanage your node, interface, and service combinations.

To change the status, you have these choices: Apply Changes, Cancel, Select All, Unselect All, or Reset.