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Viewing and Copying Configlet Data

You can view configlet data for the modeled instance that you created. You can also copy the configlet data to a text editor for further modifications.

This task is disabled if the modeled device is in the Managed state on the Device Management page or for a modeled device that is activated using a Junos Space–initiated connection.


If you created a modeled device without using the Activate Now option when creating the modeled instance, you can download the configlet only from the Device Management page. To view the configlet from the Device Management page, select the modeled device and select Device Operations > View/Download Configlet from the Actions menu.

To view and copy configlet data:

  1. From the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Model Devices.

    The Model Devices page is displayed.

  2. Select the modeled instance whose configlet data you want to view and copy, and select View Configlet from the Actions menu.

    The View Configlet page is displayed. You can view the name of the modeled instance, number of devices that are part of this modeled instance, and configlet data.

  3. From the Configlet Format drop-down list, select the format in which you want to view the configlet data.

    The options available are CLI, XML, and curly braces. By default CLI is selected.


    If you activate a modeled device by using the Activate Now option when creating a modeled instance, you can download the configlet in CLI, XML, and curly brace formats.

  4. Copy the configlet data from the Configlet Content field to a Notepad or any other text editor.

    If you select to update the configuration in the device template manually, the Configlet Content area displays the configlet containing the connection parameters and the configuration in the device template.

    You can modify this configlet as needed and copy the modified data in the configlet to a device’s CLI console. The device then connects to Junos Space Platform.


    If Device Initiated mode is enabled in Junos Space Network Management Platform, then the sample configlet generated will be set system services outbound-ssh client cluster_228.x.x.x device-id secret OTP services netconf 192.x.x.x port 7804. Replace the OTP with Juniper and paste it to the device CLI.

  5. Click Close.

    You are redirected to the Model Devices page.