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Secure Console Overview

The Secure Console feature provides a secure remote access connection to managed and unmanaged devices. Secure Console initiates an SSH session from the Junos Space user interface by using the SSH protocol. An unmanaged device is a device that is not managed by Junos Space Network Management Platform.

Secure Console is a terminal window embedded in Junos Space Platform that eliminates the need for a third-party SSH client to connect to devices. Secure Console provides additional security while connecting to your devices. It initiates an SSH session from the Junos Space server rather than from your Web browser. You can access the Secure Console feature either from the Device Management page or the Secure Console page.

When using Secure Console for a managed device, you can skip the steps to log in to the device by selecting the Allow users to auto log in to devices using SSH option on the Modify Application settings page. If you select this option, you are automatically logged in to the device. However, for an unmanaged device, you need to provide the device credentials manually.

Secure Console provides the following functionalities:

  • Validate the fingerprint value stored in the Junos Space Platform database with that obtained from the device.

  • Establish multiple SSH connections to connect to different devices simultaneously. These multiple connections are displayed in different terminal windows.

  • Compare configurations on a device by establishing multiple SSH connections to the same device and viewing the configurations in different SSH terminal windows.

  • Resize the terminal windows to a desired size.

  • Minimize the terminal windows to the taskbar and maximize them.

  • Paste the CLI commands into the terminal window.

  • Terminal windows allow the use of the following terminal control characters: CRTL + A, CRTL+ E, , and TAB.


The SSH session is terminated if:

  • You are logged out due to inactivity.

  • Your user account is terminated, disabled, or deleted.

  • The authentication mode is switched to Certificate mode.

  • If the Manually Resolve Fingerprint Conflict check box on the Modify Application Settings page in the Administration workspace is enabled, and Junos Space Platform detects a conflict between the fingerprint stored in the database and that received from the device.

You must have the privileges of a Super Administrator or a Device Manager to use the Secure Console feature and connect to devices.