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Email Listeners Overview

The Email Listeners list is a list that contains e-mail addresses of users who receive notifications about the health of the Junos Space system through a System Health Report from Junos Space Network Management Platform. To this list, you can add e-mail addresses of users who are Junos Space users and e-mail addresses that are not added to the Junos Space Platform database. You can edit or delete the details in the Email Listeners list.

Users added as E-mail Listeners receive notifications when an issue occurs (Status column displays a red Yes) and when an issue is fixed (Status column displays a red No) for all parameters in the System Health Report (with the exception of HPROF availability and JBoss restart observed in the preceding three days). For more information about the parameters in the System Health Report, refer to Viewing the Administration Statistics.

For an Email Listener to receive e-mail notifications, the active SMTP server must be reachable from Junos Space Platform. For more information about configuring an SMTP server, refer to Adding an SMTP Server. Your role must be assigned the required privileges to add, modify, or delete users from the Email Listeners list.