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Cloning Predefined and User-Defined Roles

As a Super Administrator or User Administrator, you can clone predefined and user-defined (custom) roles from the Roles inventory page. When you clone a role, you are creating a copy of a role, renaming it, and editing it to suit your requirements. This approach is a quick way to create a new role without having to create it from scratch.

To create a role that is similar to a predefined role, clone the predefined role and make suitable changes to the clone.


Junos Space Network Management Platform does not allow you to modify predefined roles.

The clone is not applied to any users, by default. The Super Administrator, or the User Administrator with permissions to assign roles to a user can assign this role to users and remote profiles.

To clone a predefined and user-defined role:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control >Roles.

    The Roles inventory page appears displaying all existing predefined and user-defined roles.

  2. Right-click the predefined or user-defined role that you want to clone and select Clone Role. Alternatively, select a role, then select Clone Role from the Actions menu.

    The Clone Role page appears with the specifications of the original role.


    If Clone Role is disabled, ensure that you have the Clone Role permission and that you have not selected more than one role.

  3. In the Title text box, enter the name of the clone.

    The name cannot start with a space or exceed 32 characters; allowable characters include letters, numbers, dash (–), underscore (_), and period (.). You cannot have two roles with the same name.

  4. (Optional) In the Description field, enter or modify the description of the clone.

    The description cannot exceed 256 characters. The description can contain letters and numbers and can include a hyphen (-), underscore (_), period (.), or comma (,).

  5. (Optional) Select the application workspaces and associated tasks for the cloned role by selecting the check box corresponding to the workspace or task.

    For more information about selecting workspaces and tasks, see the Creating a User-Defined Role topic.

  6. Click Clone.

    A new role is created and displayed on the Roles inventory page. On this page, click the View Detail link to view the tasks assigned to this role.

After a role is cloned, you can perform various actions on this role such as modifying its details, deleting the role, and so on. For more information, see the Managing Roles topic.