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Unlocking Users

Junos Space Network Management Platform locks out users who enter more than the permitted number of incorrect passwords. If you try to log in to the Junos Space server when your user account is locked out, then you see the message The account is Locked. You can’t Log in. You can try logging in from another system or request the administrator to unlock your account.

By default, a user is locked out after four unsuccessful login attempts. As an administrator, you can decide after how many unsuccessful login attempts a user should be logged out. You can configure this setting from the Administration workspace. For more information about configuring this setting, see the No. of unsuccessful attempts before lockout parameter in Modifying Junos Space Network Management Platform Settings.

To unlock a user account:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Role Based Access Control > User Accounts.

    The User Accounts inventory page appears, displaying all user accounts in a table.

  2. Select one or more locked users to unlock.

    You can identify the locked-out users by the lock icon in the Locked Out column on the User Accounts inventory page.

  3. Select Unlock Users from the Actions menu.

    A confirmation dialog box appears, displaying the users you have selected to unlock.

    If Unlock Users is disabled, it means that one or more users that you have selected to unlock is not a locked-out user. Go to step 2 and select only locked-out users to proceed.

  4. Click Unlock in the confirmation dialog box to unlock the users.

    The selected users are unlocked. These users can log in at the next login attempt.

Unlocking users generates an audit log entry with details about users that were unlocked.

To obtain details from an audit log entry about users who were unlocked:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Audit Logs > Audit Log.

    The Audit Log inventory page appears, displaying all log entries in a table.

  2. Filter data in the Task column by using the Unlock Users keyword.

    Then the Audit Log page displays only the audit log entries that were generated when users were unlocked.

  3. Double-click an audit log entry.

    The Audit Log Detail page appears. On this page, the Affected Objects section displays the list of users who were unlocked and the Affected Object Detail section displays details about the unlocked user.

  4. Click OK on the Audit Log Detail page to exit this page.

    You are returned to the Audit Log page.