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Cloning a Device in Junos Space Network Management Platform

You clone devices to create copies of managed and modeled devices in Junos Space Network Management Platform. You can clone modeled devices even if they are in the Modeled or Waiting for Deployment state. You cannot clone unmanaged devices in Junos Space Platform. The cloned copy of the device is displayed by default as being in the Modeled state on the Device Management page.


You need to activate a cloned device by using the Activate workflow to manage the device in Junos Space Platform.

To clone a device in Junos Space Platform:

  1. On the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.

    The Device Management page that appears displays the list of devices that exist in the Junos Space Platform database.

  2. Select the device to clone and select Device Operations > Clone Device from the Actions menu.

    The Clone Device page is displayed. The device family and platform of the device are displayed on this page.

  3. In the Clone Device Name field, enter the name of the device.

    The name of the cloned device should start and end with letters or numbers and cannot exceed 255 characters. The hyphen (-) and underscore (_) are the only special characters allowed. Leading and trailing spaces are not allowed.

  4. In the Number of Devices field, use the up and down arrows to specify the number of devices to be cloned using this workflow.

    The default value is 1.

  5. (Optional) Select the Image Upgrade/Downgrade check box to upgrade or downgrade the cloned device to a specific Junos OS version.
  6. (Optional) From the Device Image drop-down list, select the device image that contains the Junos OS version to which you want to upgrade or downgrade the devices.
  7. Click Clone.

    You are redirected to the Device Management page. When the device is cloned, the device is added to the Device Management page. The managed status of this device is set to Modeled.


Devices created using this workflow are given the original name of the device appended with “_#” where # is a number. The devices are numbered from 1 through the value you specified for the number of devices. For example, if you clone a device named “device” and create three devices, they are named “device_1,” “device_2,” and “device_3.”