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Viewing Associated Scripts

You can view the scripts deployed on a device to get more information about the script type, version, and activation status.

To view the scripts associated with the devices:

  1. On the Network Management Platform user interface, select Devices > Device Management.

    The Device Management page displays the devices managed in Junos Space Network Management Platform.

  2. Select the devices for which you want to view the associated scripts.
  3. Select Device Inventory > View Associated Scripts from the Actions menu.

    The View Associated Scripts page is displayed.

    This page displays all the scripts that are deployed on the devices you have selected. You can view the device name, Device Alias custom label of the device, IP address of the device, platform of the device, operating system firmware version on the device, script name, script type, category of the script, staged version of the script, latest version of the script, and the activation status of the script.

Click Back to return to the Device Management page.