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Junos Space Administrators Overview

Junos Space administrators serve different functional roles. A CLI administrator installs and configures Junos Space Appliances. A maintenance-mode administrator performs system-level tasks, such as troubleshooting and database restore operations. After Junos Space Appliances are installed and configured, users created from the Junos Space user interface perform the roles of accessing workspaces and managing applications, users, devices, services, customers, and so forth. Typically, an administrator performs most of the tasks from the Administration workspace. This entire workspace is available only if you are working in the global domain. You can identify the domain that you are currently in from the banner on the Junos Space Network Management Platform user interface. In subdomains, only the tags task is available under the Administration workspace.

Table 1 describes Junos Space administrators and Junos Space user UI users and the tasks that they perform.

Table 1: Junos Space Administrators and Junos Space UI Users
Junos Space Administrator Description Tasks

CLI administrator

An administrator responsible for setting up and managing the system settings for Junos Space Appliances from the serial console.

The CLI administrator name is “admin.”

The CLI administrator password can be changed from the console system settings menu.

  • Install and configure basic settings for Junos Space Appliances.

  • Change network and system settings for Junos Space appliances, for example:

    • Change the CLI administrator password.

    • Change network settings, such as:

      • Set DNS servers.

      • Change IP address of the Junos Space node.

      • Change static routes.

    • Change time options.

    • Expand VM drive size (Junos Space Virtual Appliances only).


      This option is available only if the Junos Space node is running on a virtual machine (VM).

    • Retrieve log files for troubleshooting.

    • Update the security settings, such as disable firewall or SSH

    • Debug

Maintenance-mode administrator

An administrator responsible for performing system-level maintenance on Junos Space Platform.

The maintenance-mode administrator name is “maintenance.”

You can configure the maintenance-mode password is through the serial console when you first configure a Junos Space Appliance.

  • Restore Junos Space Platform to its previous state by using a database backup file.

  • Shut down Junos Space nodes by entering maintenance mode.

  • Retrieve log files for troubleshooting.

  • Exit maintenance mode and explicitly start up the Junos Space Platform.

Junos Space user interface users

A Junos Space user that is assigned one or more predefined roles. Each role assigned to a user provides specific access and management privileges on the objects (applications, devices, users, jobs, services, customers, and so on) available from a workspace on the Junos Space user interface.

For complete information about predefined roles that can be assigned to a Junos Space user, see Predefined Roles Overview.

  • Junos Space allows only admin user login for Space server CLI access. Its not recommended to create custom SSH user for Junos Space CLI access.

  • Juniper Networks devices require a license to activate the feature. To understand more about Junos Space Network Management Platform Licenses, see, Licenses for Network Management. Please refer to the Licensing Guide for general information about License Management. Please refer to the product Data Sheets for further details, or contact your Juniper Account Team or Juniper Partner.